shower curtain rod

Shower Curtain Rod Shape Designs

Shower is the room that should be dressed for a private. To cover the shower and make it with more privacy, you should install curtains. Curtains for a shower come with fresh, stylish, modern and beautiful design so it can perfect the interior design of the shower and not only for privacy. But sure, before selecting the curtain designs, you need to install shower curtain rod first. Curtain rods for […]

bay window curtains rods

How to Dress Bay Window Curtains

 Bay windows or it is also called as bow window design can be built in your kitchen or living room or other rooms. And commonly, it is built in your living room. And it has some different patterns and design with other windows in your home. So, to treat this window it needs different ideas too. One of them is about how to dress this window with the right bay […]

curtains for doors

Dress Your Window with Curtains and Drapes

Windows are important part of home design. They are not only just for the complement of the home appearance but also it has important role in delivering a fresh air, wind and warm sunlight. Windows are designed in many ideas, sizes and shapes. Each design has its own treatment to make it more impressive and one of them is by installing the right curtains and drapes. Remember that your home […]

reception desk

Modern Reception Desk Design

Office, hotel, salon and others will welcome the guests nicely and warmly with receptionist behind the reception desk. This desk is designed for receptionists. It is placed in front of the office, hotel, salon or others. Even, it is placed near the front door or a lobby or hall in the hotel. It is as the first description of the service of them. Guests can guess that the hotel is […]

floating desk design

Need More Space? Mount Floating Desk!

Whether you have small home office or other small rooms and you need more space just for a table, floating desk will surely save your life. It is because this table design doesn’t need more spaces. It will be mounted on the wall so it is also called as floating wall desk. So, you can have a table in your room without adding more spaces. This is smart and great […]

dining chairs wood

Fresh and Stylish Outdoor Dining Chairs

Who said that dining room is always in indoor space? This day, by modern concept dining room can be also designed in outdoor space to get more awesome feeling especially when you have special guests and you want to celebrate something with friends and more families, dining time should be enjoyed in your backyard or patio. It looks great when it is designed and decorated properly especially for the furniture […]

luxury bedroom furniture modern

Luxury Bedroom Furniture for Luxurious Room

The luxury bedroom furniture would be really needed by the people that love to have room with luxury style. One of the things which the people should do if they want to decorate their room is determine the style which they will use for the room. Determining certain style into the room can make the room have its own character. A room which has specific character absolutely will be more […]

formal dining room table decorations

Large Formal Dining Room Tables

A home design is describing the owner style. And if you see the dining room interior design, it will describe the personality of the owner so well. It is because dining room is actually a heart of a home because all family members will sit together in the same table at the dining time in this room. And there are hundreds of choices of dining room interior design that is […]