floating desk ideas

Need More Space? Mount Floating Desk!

Whether you have small home office or other small rooms and you need more space just for a table, floating desk will surely save your life. It is because this table design doesn’t need more spaces. It will be mounted on the wall so it is also called as floating wall desk. So, you can have a table in your room without adding more spaces. This is smart and great […]

corner desk modern

Fill the Corner with Corner Desks

Usually a corner space is space that is avoided by many people in decorating a room or even an office. It is because it cannot be enchanted with many ideas. That is the past opinion because this day corner desks come with many wonderful and smart ideas where you will not only fill the corner space with usable and useful idea but also it can save more space to be […]

adjustable height desk

Adjustable Height Desk Design

Among many kinds of office, table is very important element. It can be used for working or others. But sometimes, you need the table in higher or lower as the needs of yours. Sure it can be busy if you have to change the table as what you need. Adjustable height desk is the right table design you are looking for. It is just like the name, this table can […]

bay window curtain track

How to Dress Bay Window Curtains

 Bay windows or it is also called as bow window design can be built in your kitchen or living room or other rooms. And commonly, it is built in your living room. And it has some different patterns and design with other windows in your home. So, to treat this window it needs different ideas too. One of them is about how to dress this window with the right bay […]