shower curtain rod cover

Shower Curtain Rod Shape Designs

Shower is the room that should be dressed for a private. To cover the shower and make it with more privacy, you should install curtains. Curtains for a shower come with fresh, stylish, modern and beautiful design so it can perfect the interior design of the shower and not only for privacy. But sure, before selecting the curtain designs, you need to install shower curtain rod first. Curtain rods for […]

double curtain rod white

More Elegance of Double Curtain Rod

Large living room size should be enchanted with the large window designs. Large window should be dressed with magnificent curtain design that can afford the elegance and luxury of the interior design of the living room. Double curtain rod for double curtains will complete both the beauty and elegance of the room as well. You can surely show the large living room with great double curtains with the right double […]

grommet curtain

Grommet Curtains with Solid Color

Whether it is in your home or office, grommet curtains have stylish and more modern curtain design. Indeed, the designs and styles of these grommet window curtains are modern and contemporary. So, it is perfect for your modern window designs and modern home interior as well. It is very popular in modern and minimalist home design. It is because the texture of this window is made for enchanting modern view […]

curtains and drapes styles

Dress Your Window with Curtains and Drapes

Windows are important part of home design. They are not only just for the complement of the home appearance but also it has important role in delivering a fresh air, wind and warm sunlight. Windows are designed in many ideas, sizes and shapes. Each design has its own treatment to make it more impressive and one of them is by installing the right curtains and drapes. Remember that your home […]